Pulpa specialises in 100% pure and natural fruit pulp from Brazil which is ideally suited for producing top quality exotic fruit juices, innovative cocktails, dessert sauces, coulis and sorbets.
No preservatives, no additives – just PURE fruit!

Pulpa is made by harvesting the finest fruits of the Amazon at their optimum ripeness. They are simply washed, crushed and immediately frozen with nothing added. This process from fruit to pulp is extremely quick and ensures that ALL the fruit’s natural characteristics, taste, vitamins, and minerals are preserved without exception.

The exciting range consists of Passion Fruit, Mango, Guava, Papaya, Coconut, Acerola Cherries and Açai Berries.

ALL our products contain NO additives, preservatives, stabilisers, flavourings, colourings or sweeteners. They are simply 100% PURE
and NATURAL fruit. Simple as that!

Consequently we feel that Pulpa’s taste, texture, and nutritional content is incomparable to any of the pre-packaged exotic juices or purees on the UK market. In addition, because Pulpa is frozen it has a shelf life of eighteen months which means that it can be conveniently stored and used at any time!

Pulpa comes in a frozen form because it is the only way to guarantee that all the natural characteristics and true taste of the fruit are retained. It is extremely easy to use and takes just a matter of seconds to transform the frozen pulp into your desired cocktail, juice, sorbet, dessert sauce, or coulis. If it were bottled or packaged, the very taste we are trying to retain would simply be altered and lost!

In addition, none of our products are sweetened. Consequently you can sweeten every creation to your liking and make them taste how you want them to taste.

Why not visit our products page for further information on each of the individual fruits?